San Diego Best Whale Watching Adventure

San Diego is blessed to be on the migratory pattern of a few different species of whales that grace us with their presence each year. The gray whales tend to be spotted off our coast line during the winter and spring season. While the largest whales in the world, the blue whale, can be seen swimming around our ocean in the summer and fall season. 

We also see dolphins pretty much every day we go out. They some times can be seen in pods that have hundreds if not thousands of them jumping and swimming next to the boat.Our Whale and Dolphin watching tours are for private groups only, with our boat being able to comfortably hold 4 guests. Our 300 hp yama motors can get us out to where the whales are super fast. 

Book a fishing trip with us, where we always have a chance at seeing both dolphins and whales while we are fishing! The best of both worlds. 

Whale & Dolphin Watching

 Minimum Trip is 2 Hours

We will head out to local San Diego Waters

Departure time is based on availability

Up to 6 Passengers Max

$200 per hour

Dolphin Jumping on San Diego Best Whale Watching adventure

Trip Details

  • Departure time is based on availability and can be catered to what time works best for you.
  • We will have a drink cooler on board. If you would like to bring your own beverages, please make sure it’s not glass. If you bring a cooler, please leave in in your car for the fish you catch. 
  • No Fuel Surcharge
  • Price includes up to 6 guests

Let's Go Fishing!