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How many people can your boat take fishing?

All of our fishing charters are private and the price of the fishing trips include up to 4 people. We like  to make sure everyone has plenty of room to move around to fight and land their fish. 

Our whale and dolphin watching charters can accommodate up to 6 people.

What is included in the price of the trip?

All of our charter trips are private, so it will be just you and your guests on board.  Each trip is captained by a licensed USCG Captain. We have all of the top of the line fishing tackle and gear for you to use.  The cost of bait and gas are included (we never charge a fuel surcharge). We will fillet your fish for you at the end of your trip so you can take home and enjoy your fresh catch.

We provide a cooler filled with ice on board to keep your refreshments and lunch cold.  Additionally we offer complimentary waters, sports drinks sparkling flavored water and light snacks on board. We do recommend that you bring extra waters or beverages of your choice (please no glass bottles), and extra snacks and even lunch on longer trips. 

What should I wear and what should I bring on my fishing adventure?

We work very hard to provide you with the best experience possible, and to help you prepare for an amazing day we suggest you wear the following:

Plenty of sunscreen, even on cloudy days, the sun can be intense out on the water. A hat and sunglasses are always a good idea. A jacket or sweatshirt is clutch for the early morning or evening boat rides. You will want to wear clothing  shoes you don’t mind getting wet, remember we are fishing and on an adventure! A small hand towel comes in real handy. Please make sure that everyone has a face mask well. 

We have a cooler on board filled ice and some refreshments and light snacks for you to enjoy. We do recommend that you bring additional beverages (no glass bottles please) and snacks. On our 3/4 Day and Full day trips, we encourage you to bring lunch so you have plenty of energy to fight your fish throughout the day. 

At the end of your trip, we will fillet your fish for you so you can take it home with you. So please be sure to bring a cooler filled with ice or ice packs. We just ask that you please leave larger and hard cased coolers in your car during your trip. 

Does everyone on the boat need a Fishing License?

Everyone that wants to fish and is over the age of 16 years old, is required by law to have a California Fishing License that is effective for the date of your fishing trip. Luckily, they can easily be purchased online here. 

What about a Mexican Fishing License?

A Mexican Fishing License is ONLY required if you would like to go on a 3/4 Day or Full Day fishing trip down to the Coronado Islands in Mexico. Licenses can be purchased online here.

In addition to a Mexican Fishing License, everyone on board will also need a valid  Passport (please check your expiration date).

Lastly, we will need to arrange one day FMM Visas for each person as well. Which is also an additional fee. 

Do we need our Passports?

ONLY if you are looking to book a 3/4 Day or Full Day fishing trip to the Coronado Islands which are located in Mexico, then yes you will need your Passports. Please be sure to check the expiration date is not expired. 

Your passport is not necessary for any of our Half Day trips as we stay in local San Diego waters.

Your passport is not necessary for either of our 3/4 Day or Full Day Offshore trips either. 

Can we bring our own fishing gear?

Yes, absolutely! If you have invested in your own fishing gear and want to bring it on board, you are more than welcome to do so.  We are always glad to help you set up your personal tackle as well to have you catching fish all day. If you are planning on bringing your own gear, please let us know ahead of time so we can make the appropriate accommodations. 

In addition, we are fully equipped with the very best rods and reels from Okuma Fishing USA, and we provide you with all of the tackle you need to catch fish. 

How far out do we go on a Half Day Fishing Trip?

Here in San Diego, we are incredibly lucky to have some amazing deep sea fishing grounds just off the coast of our beautiful beaches. On half day fishing trips we will explore our fishing hot spots located just 3 to 6 miles offshore. We work our way up and down our local coast and can check out areas like Point Loma, Mission Beach, and the famous kelp forests outside of La Jolla. We go where the fish are biting! Typical boat rides to the fishing grounds are under 30 minutes, so we really maximize our fishing time on our half day trips. We offer both a morning or afternoon fishing trip. 

Can we bring our own cooler on board?

We provide a cooler filled with ice on board for your drinks and anything else you may wish to keep cold. If you would like to bring a small soft cooler, that is ok with us, but please no hard coolers because they will slide around the boat and can be dangerous. Safety is always a priority with us. 

We do recommend bringing a cooler with ice, and leaving it in your car so you can put all of your fish you catch in it upon our return.

Can we bring our own food and drinks?

Yes, of course! In fact we encourage you do so. It can get quite hot out being on the water and having extra beverages is always helpful. If you are booking for a 3/4 Day or Full Day trip we definitely recommend bringing lunch and snacks to help you keep your energy up to fight fish all day! For beverages, the only thing we ask is that you please do not bring glass bottles or hard alcohol. 

I left a voicemail or emailed you, when should I expect to hear back from you?

Thank you so much for reaching out! If you have reached my voicemail or have emailed me and I haven’t responded right away, it most likely is because I am out on a fishing adventure with my charter guests and am focusing on making sure they are catching fish and having fun! Inquiries are generally responded to within 1-2 business day, and I will do my best to respond to you as soon as we get back to shore.  I look forward to talking with you soon!

Is gratuity required? If so, what is recommended?

While gratuity is NEVER required, but it is greatly appreciated if you choose to do so. You captain works hard to provide you the most memorable fishing experience possible. Tipping your captain is a great way to show how much you enjoyed your private fishing charter experience. Especially if you had an amazing day of fishing. Recommended tipping ranges from 15% to 25% of the trip cost.

COVID-19 Information

We are open and fishing daily while following the guidelines provided to us by our governing bodies. We are taking extra precautions and measures to ensure yours and our safety including following new protocols and cleaning the boat before and after each of our charters. We ask that, if you are not feeling well, coughing, have shortness of breath, fever, or are not healthy, please let us know, and we will cancel the trip and provide you with a 100% refund of your deposit and any time before your departure. Although it is very unlikely, if we at Boundless Boat Charters have to cancel your trip for any reason, at any time before departure, we will refund you 100% of your deposit as well. We do have a new checklist we are following for Covid-19 listed here:

1. Masks are optional 

2. All passengers will sign a Covid-19 waiver form. 

3. Spray bottles of disinfectant and hand sanitizer are available on board for passenger and crew use throughout the trip. 

4. All handrails and flat surfaces on deck to be disinfected at minimum twice daily. Entire boat is scrubbed with bleach and water, and soap after each trip. 

5. Passengers are responsible for social distancing, washing hands or using hand sanitizer regularly, and wearing masks. 

6. All passengers are responsible for staying off the boat if they are experiencing any signs associated with the Health Department guidelines for Covid-19 including but not limited to: fever, coughing, shortness of breath. 

7. All passengers are advised prior to boarding re: safety measures for Covid-19 along with normal Coast Guard regulations. 

8. Please understand it is the individual passenger’s responsibility to take personal precautionary measures.

Is there a toilet onboard?

Yes, there is a toilet in the cabin of the boat.

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